Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Biceps and shoulder in one exercise


Reps: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Breathing: When folding exhale when reset breathe

Holidays: 3 slow breaths or until his breathing.

Embodiments: You can sit and cannot put back, so to isolate the movement (beginners often help with the back while folded for biceps). Can and right standing with her back pressed against the wall.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss After biceps usually do exercise shoulder, but before I do a combination, which is my contraption and I have not seen anyone else doing it in the gym, but I wonderfully affects me.

Method of execution: Upright posture, your feet shoulder-width apart. Holding dumbbells and arms are bent at the elbows. The next movement of the shoulder without fold more elbows or hands to move - move only from the shoulder. Raise hands while biceps become parallel to the floor, holding in most garner position and reset Kyle Leon

Reps: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Breathing: Raise your hands and exhale, inhale and download below.

Holidays: 3 slow breaths or until his breathing.

Embodiments: I have not yet figured out variations of this

Raise over his shoulder. This is great exercise for shoulder and although there are many exercises for the shoulder that is fundamental and must always be present.

Way of implementation. Raise the dumbbells overhead with straight arms. Lower the dumbbells down as fold elbow until the forearm (the part of the upper arm) is parallel to the ground, lift the dumbbells back to doing hands

Reps: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Breathing: Rip dumbbells and breathe in and exhale lifting the dumbbells.

Holidays: Between Series 3 slow breaths or until spoke breathing.

Embodiments, may be performed from a sitting position with his back, so to isolate it.

Expand pulley for triceps. This is the back of the hand, where women most often hangs and shake uncomfortable. Specify that this exercise tightens the back of the hand, but if something is shaking this is not muscle, and fat and cannot get away with exercise. A common misconception is that exercise fat turn into muscle - no such thing. The only way to stop shaking your hand is to lose weight, but this is a diet, not exercise this arm. The aim of the exercise is to form muscle, lose weight so as to have a well-formed hands, not skinny pins.

Way of implementation. Stand in front of the pulley, Bring one leg forward so you have more stability, the body can be slightly tilted forward, but keep your back straight, tighten your abdomen. Expand hand to full standing, then controlled return to the folded position, while the part of the hand between the wrist and the elbow is parallel to the floor - not fold confirm than that because it decreases tensions and effectiveness of the exercise